Pencil Cases

Handy pencil cases, popular with school and college students alike. All, except PC5 Tube, are in a double material. The lining helps retain the shape, in addition, many materials, such as Silk Saree have to be sewn onto a base material, and otherwise the material will pull away from the stitching. This double material layer provides a firm form and a solid pencil case. All have easy entry full zip, and all seams are taped.

PC1 – Jute & Rice bag

A robust natural Jute material on the outside, with a lining of synthetic rice-bag material.
Bags in Jute were traditionally used for rice-bags, but they have now been replaced by hard wearing synthetic materials. PC1 is a robust  ‘then & now’ in one aesthetically appealing piece.
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PC2 – Woven silk & Rice bag

Woven outer material, that originates from discarded Sari dresses and other used garments. The threads are extracted and intertwined to form a thicker thread, that is woven into a pleasant to see and feel material. The lining is of rice-bag material, that helps retain the form of the pencil case.
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PC3 – Silk Saree & Rice bag

Popular with daughters and mothers alike. The outer material is obtained from discarded Sari dresses, to create a ‘classic’, never go out of date appearance. The silk is then sown onto a robust backing of rice-bag material, to keep form and to protect the silk from sharp objects, such as pencils, sharpeners, etc.

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PC4 – Rice bag double

The original model. Two layers of synthetic rice bag material create a simple, light and robust pencil case. Classics never go out of style.

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PC5 – Tube

Discarded car-tire inner-tubes, providing a robust and virtually waterproof case, popular with boys and girls alike. Often ‘borrowed’ by father to use as a compact travel-kit for toothbrush, razor and mini-shampoo bottle when out travelling. Kids, you have been warned!!

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PC6 – Patches

A bright attraction to the class-room, comprising of half car-tire inner-tube and colorful water-proof rice-bag material. Inner of rice-bag material or ‘Nepali-cotton’, to cover the seams between the two materials.

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PC7 – Cotton & Rice Bag

Woven traditional Nepali cotton, in 100 variants, that is backed by synthetic rice-bag material.

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PC8 Zebra

Part of our Zebra series. Nepali woven cotton, backed by synthetic rice-bag material.

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