Bowls and Baskets

Bowls produced from thin bamboo or dry grass are found in virtually every district of Nepal. They are used to hold rice, lentils, peppers, salt, dried meat or fish etc. Beni simply took a traditional product and made it fresh and appealing by binding waste plastic materials over the grass. Easy to clean with a wet cloth. A story. You are invited to a dinner party, and your host/hostess is the one of your dreams. You turn up with a bottle of wine, drink the bottle yourself, drink other people’s wine, have a great meal and go home. Are you invited back? Don’t think so. Blew that one! Try this: Buy a Beni Bowl or Flower Basket, put a bottle of wine in it, and add some cheese and grapes. If for a lady, add an orchid. You and your gift become a talking point; you mention Beni and her work. The other guests are enthralled, and your host/hostess appreciates the gesture. Yes, you are probably invited back.