Recycled Plastic

Plastic waste wrappings from chocolate, crisp, biscuit or noodle packages were once collected from the waste and rubbish dumps of Kathmandu. They are now collected from parks, schools and restaurants. These are washed, sorted and then cut into strips of various widths and lengths. Dried mountain grasses are woven into a long thin ‘rope’. The waste plastic strips are then tightly wrapped around the grass core, and securely ‘woven’ or tied into the wished-for product using a thin nylon-type thread/string. RPW products are robust, long-wearing and can be washed with a wet cloth. They can be ordered in Gold, Silver or mixed color. Delivery time depends on quantities and availability of waste material in the specified color. Multi-color is usually a stock item, with one to two weeks needed to collect and produce in Silver or Gold.